Some of Our Merchandising Options...

Some of Our Merchandising Options...


Photography and Data

 5 Days Per Week Service

We visit all of our clients 5 days per week to optimize Speed to Market.

 Actual Cameras

Our team is equipped with commercial-grade cameras and they’re trained to use them.

 Trade Shots

Start getting exposure from day one! Your photographer will capture a limited sequence of photos for all of your fresh incoming trades.


Our dynamic graphics tool allows us to apply graphics to your inventory that will make it stand out.


We have processes in place to audit both inventory levels and photo quality, but we will also send you daily capture reports to make it easy for you to review our service daily.

Live Video

 Custom Branded

Our videos advertise your business, as they should, so customers remember your brand!

 Viewer Optimized

Our videos consist of several pans to optimize the 60-90 seconds we have your customer’s attention.

 Additional Exposure

Your vehicles will be loaded into your YouTube Channel, Website and third party vendors. All videos are made to optimize their SEO value. 46% of consumers go to dealership websites after watching video content.

 Embedded on VDP

Our videos are embedded on your VDP to keep the customer on your website; we won’t be taking them off your page.

 Customer Engagement

Videos capture your customer’s attention and keep their focus on your product.

Window Stickers

 Data your customers want to see

We can customize your layout, but our standard format includes features like Horsepower, Fuel Economy and Crash Test results.

 Beautifully Designed

Our art team will work to create a gorgeous design that brands your dealership properly.

 Consistent Quality

We don’t print on-demand graphics—that’s a shortcut. Instead, we have your stickers produced on a commercial printer to preserve the quality of your branding.

 You have options

Self-Service, Full-Service, Interior, Exterior? We will customize the service to fit your needs and budget.

Why Autoexact?


Autoexact has provided photo services to dealerships since 1998.

 We are who we are

Autoexact is not a reseller. You will not have to deal with a 3rd party to make changes to your services with us.

 Data Feeds

Because we handle our own data, we’re able to create custom exports of your inventory without charging a partnership fee to those you want to do business with, this allows you to take advantage of Pilot Programs with less investment.

 Customer Service

We make ourselves available to you 7 days per week. You will not get lost in a ticketing system; you get personal service EVERY TIME!


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