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Q: What does AutoExact deliver that others can't?

A: The AutoExact Advantage is experience, superior customer support, professional quality photos, and frequency of updates. In other words, more of everything that's vital to your dealership.

We've been providing unparalleled customer service to our dealers for 15 years. We specialize in Dealership Inventory Management, and our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest. We care about providing the highest quality digital dealership inventory photos, the most accurate data, the fastest and most frequent pricing updates, and the best tech support in the business.

Our complete Auto Dealership Photo Services solution includes:

✔ 15 Years Experience
✔ High-quality professional digital photography, including supersize photos
✔ Fast response times and 24/7 tech support
✔ Dealer Photo Services Personnel on Site at Dealership 5 Times a Week
✔ Online Inventory Management and Vehicle Pricing Tools
✔ Custom Photo Overlays
✔ Vin Decoding
✔ Ability to Print Window Stickers/Window Labels
✔ Automotive Data Distribution
✔ Websites for Salespeople
✔ Real Time Updates with vAuto

Give your dealership the AutoExact Advantage. Call Us Today.

AutoExact's Great Features Include:

autoexact Dealer Desktop
Search/Edit Inventory. 24/7 access to the quickest, easiest Desktop Inventory Management System in the industry.

Edit Dealer Info
Edit all Dealer contact info, phone numbers, faxes, emails, and website addresses.

Change Templates
Instantly change the way your customer searches, views listing, details, vehicle data, and colors of your inventory. Need a custom template? No charge.

Print Window Stickers
Print unlimited professional designed, custom color window stickers, 24/7 from your autoexact Dealer Desktop with Buyer’s Guides.

Feed Traffic Control
Real-time control panel status of where your inventory is going, with number of vehicles, photos, and time sent.

Add/Edit Photos
Edit photos or add between 60 to an unlimited number of your own photos.

Comment Builder
autoexact automatically creates a custom comment on every listing. You can also create your own comments very quickly and easily.

Search Statistics
Track and store every vehicle viewed and most-searched make and model in real time.

Auto Step Pricing
This feature is the only one of its kind. Auto Step Pricing allows you, based on days in stock, to dynamically price all your vehicles, automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • more photos
  • more updates
  • more data
  • more services

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